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Comprehensive Water Softeners

Hard water can cause a lot of issues for your house, such as stubborn build-up on shower walls and fixtures. Most areas of the country have hard water. Turn to All About Water of Lubbock, TX, for exceptional water softening solutions.

Protect the health of your family

We understand that every situation is different and that every household has different water softening requirements. Among tap, well, surface and ground water, there is a significant variation in hardness. Your family size also makes a difference.


Hire us today and let our professionals determine the hardness level of your water as well as the size of the water softener to install. Trust us to provide you with quality water softening installations.

As a homegrown local business, we have been serving the West Texas area for over 26 years.

Get a 5-year warranty on our softener control heads.

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Improve the quality of your water

Water hardness has a negative effect on your skin and hair, along with cleanliness of your clothes and home.


Trust a locally-owned business to deliver you prompt and effective water softening solutions without compromising on quality.

Proven Solutions for Making Your Water Soft

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